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Purified Water * Alkaline Water * Mineralized Water

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Commercial Accounts:  No Term Contracts

We would like to be able to discuss your water requirements prior to quoting you on our bottled water service.


Residential Accounts: No Term Contracts

We deliver purified water for as low as $6.45 per bottle or you can pick up for as low as $3.75 a bottle

Purified Water * Alkaline Water *Mineralized Water

Bottled water is available in B.P.A Free at an extra cost of .25cents per bottle and Glass Bottles.


Glass Bottles

Glass bottle deposits $35.00

11.3L Glass Bottles delivered for as low as $7.80 per bottle.
18.9L Glass Bottles delivered for as low as $9.50 per bottle.

Thermo Concept Coolers



6/Mo Rental Annual Rental Purchase Price
Cold & Room Temp $60.00 $77.50 $229.00
Hot & Cold $65.00 $87.50 $279.00


Porcelain crock dispenser              $54.95
Crock Floor Stand                             $46.95
Artesian Manual Water Pump     $19.95
Battery Powered Water Pump     $39.95
h2ok Cleaning Kit                           $12.95

Bottle Cradle and Valve                 $44.95