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Go Green

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Okanapure Water is dedicated to reusing, recycling and reducing waste. Our 18.9L bottles, once delivered are returned to us and then are sanitized, re-filled and re-used. In fact, the usage span of our bottles is in excess of 50 times before it is recycled. That would be equivalent to approximately 2000 of the 500 ml bottles. Not only is this better for our environment, it is also very economical.  At the end of the bottles’ life span they are recycled by becoming other products, such as carpet fibres and other packaging products.  Our commitment to the environment means bottles stay out of landfills.


Chemical Free Process

Okanapure Water utilizes the latest technology incorporating ozone (O3) treatment for sterilization of water pipes, storage tanks and finished products. This sophisticated application of oxygen (ozone as O3) in our water production facility significantly reduces the use of chemical agents and cleansers like chlorine. No hazardous chemicals will come in contact with our water…ever.


Ice-Chilled Energy Star Water Coolers

Our energy efficient coolers can save you $47 or more a year on electricity compared to other coolers.  To qualify for this rating, the appliance must use half the energy of a regular product.