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BPA Free

BPA is an abbreviation for Bisphenol A.   BPA is an “ingredient” used in the chemical compound that lines the inside of food containers, such as canned goods and cartons for liquids like milk and juice.  It also is the major building block in Polycarbonate plastic.  Plastics with the number 7 on the bottom of the container, are commonly used in the bottled water industry.
These number 7 plastic bottles are the same bottles that the majority of the water companies use. The chemical effects of BPA are an ongoing study with Health Canada.

It is not our position to tell consumers what they should or should not use for their water container, only to offer an alternative if they do not wish to use a number 7 plastic bottle.
With that being said, Okanapure Water now offers our 18.9L and 11.3L pure water in BPA free and Glass bottles.

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